We encourage you to review the resources below and allow us to help navigate your company through the constantly changing implementation of health care reform.

New: Webinar’s -March 2013

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Health Care Reform Topics and Guidance

Below you will find useful links and documents on some of the more common topics and questions being asked by employers.

More information on the OIC Communication from January 2015 – can be found here: BIAW Health Trust Communication





Introducing the Regence Health Care and Reform Website

Navigating the major health care system changes that the Affordable Care Act is bringing about can be difficult.
But a new, easy-to-navigate, audience-centric Regence® website is now available to help guide the way.
The Regence Health Care and Reform site, www.healthcareandreform.com, delivers critical, relevant and easy-to-consume information on the current health care landscape, how it is changing and how reform will impact
four audiences: Producers, Small Employers, Large Employers, and Individuals and Families.

The dynamic, constantly evolving content includes tools to direct audiences through critical decision-making processes, including:
• Compliance checklists for both small and large employers
• Requirements for fully insured versus self-insured employers
• Full-time equivalent (FTE) calculators for businesses to determine the size of their workforce
• Penalty flowcharts
• Subsidy calculators
• Timelines
Users can access the latest facts and figures, federal- and state-specific content, and news feeds from leading content sources (by audience and by state). The site also provides tips on what individuals, families and
businesses can do on their own to help control health care costs. Additional reform information can also be found on the site through the following resources: Washington’s Health Benefit Exchange, Office of the Insurance
Commissioner, OIC Health Care Reform, and Health Care Authority.

Regence BlueShield is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. March 2013