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EPK & Associates is a proud part of Capital Benefit Group, the Northwest’s leading consultants and administrators for Association Health Plans.

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MBA, BIAW, NMTA, BIIT, and CAMPS Health Insurance Trusts

Association Health Plans use the pooling power of all association members, keeping costs low while offering superior benefit plans and customer service.  The MBA, BIAW, NMTA, BIIT, and CAMPS Health Insurance programs are proud to offer the most comprehensive and affordable group health insurance coverage in the Pacific Northwest. 

Through our prices, service and benefits we are committed to understanding the needs of our employer groups both large and small. The MBA, BIAW, NMTA, BIIT, and CAMPS Health Trusts long term partnerships and proactive approach to health care helps your company’s success by assisting to control your bottom line. Let our team find an affordable health insurance option for you and your employees.

Take full advantage of your membership in the Master Builders Association, Building Industry Association of Washington, Northwest Marine Trade Association and the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound and let our team be your advocate and resource for employee benefits and affordable group health insurance options.

Our Association Health Plans:

MBA Health Insurance Trust

BIAW Health Insurance Program

NMTA Health Trust

CAMPS Health Trust

BIIT – The Building Industry Insurance Trust

Health Care Reform 

stethoscopeThe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) passed by congress and signed by President Obama in March 2010 ushered in some of the most sweeping changes to health care financing and delivery in our nation’s history. The changes will affect employers of all size and require significant attention by employers as the law is implemented over the next decade. Although a general understanding of the law is known, a more precise understanding of the many changes will require further guidance and interpretation over the next several years.

The MBA, BIAW, NMTA, BIIT, and CAMPS Health Trusts are committed to providing timely and detailed information on the topic and aim to be your trusted partner and resource for navigating the changes. Our team is here to help offer guidance and resources for your company and employees. Click here for our Health Care Reform page.


Capital Benefit Services

Capital Benefit Services has been providing comprehensive benefit packages, consultations, and competitive pricing options to Northwest employers since 1986. For over 30 years, we have been the exclusive consultants for one of the largest group health insurance programs in the country, the MBA, BIAW, NMTA, BIIT, and CAMPS Health Insurance Trusts. These trust programs provide insurance to thousands of employees and dependents from the building and construction industries. We pride ourselves on offering the lowest premium rates, outstanding service and a competitive set of medical, dental, vision, and life insurance plans that separate us from our competitors.

Capital Benefit Services, Inc. can assist your company in obtaining affordable group health insurance for your workforce. Premium savings for comparable plans are available. The MBA, BIAW, NMTA, BIIT, and CAMPS Trusts offer the most competitive premiums and benefit plans in the marketplace. If your company offers health insurance to employees, or is considering doing so, Capital Benefit Services, Inc. is ready to help you purchase the most competitive and comprehensive benefit plan for your employees.

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