Health Care Reform

For those unfamiliar with “exchanges,” they are the state run on-line marketplaces for individuals to potentially purchase health insurance. With the Individual Mandate requirement, (or the requirement for every individual to purchase health insurance) this is one option to purchase individual insurance from.

Note that these online exchanges are geared towards:

  1. Individuals who do not have access to employer sponsored health insurance, or:
  2. Spouses and or dependents who are currently not covered by any health insurance plan.

The exchanges are a new concept and they may pose a bit of a challenge for those unfamiliar with purchasing health insurance on their own. For members, we will help guide you with any questions or concerns you or your employees may have. Our team will also be able to help those interested in the exchanges find a policy that works within their budget.

As an alternative option to COBRA,  employees may be interested in the Exchange Marketplace.

Here is the link to the Washington Health benefit exchange web site.
Washington Healthplanfinder

A short video on the Exchange: