The Medical Trust Trustees and NMTA staff have spent a great deal of time researching a wide range of health insurance options and carriers for the membership. Effective March 1, 2004 the NMTA joined forces with a larger group, called the MBA Health Insurance Trust.

Effective January 1st, 2014 we will be providing the same competitive pricing, comprehensive benefit plan options and excellent customer service via the new NMTA Health Trust! The NMTA Health Trust will provide your company with a trusted resource for your employee benefits just as the MBA Health Trust has in the past. This Health Trust offers benefit plans provided by Regence Blue Shield and Group Health Options.

Capital Benefit Services, Inc. can assist your company in obtaining affordable group health insurance for your workforce. Premium savings for comparable plans are available. The  NMTA Trust offers the most competitive premiums and benefit plans in the marketplace. If your company offers health insurance to employees, or is considering doing so, Capital Benefit Services, Inc. is ready to help you purchase the most competitive and comprehensive benefit plan for your employees. Request a NMTA Trust Insurance Quote.


Effective January 1st, 2014 all groups who participate in the NMTA Heath Trust are COBRA eligible. Previously, COBRA eligibility was based off of the size of your company, starting 1/1/14 and going forward due to the Affordable Care, the definition of the eligible groups has changed. The NMTA Health Trust as a whole is now the determiner for COBRA eligibility, regardless of the size of the individual companies that make up the Trust.

This will be good news to employees and their covered dependents who wish to continue, on a self-paid basis,  the same insurance benefits they had under your employment.

As always, we wish to make this process as easy as possible for you. We have provided guidelines and notices in Word format with highlighted sections for ease in modification as well as the COBRA election Form. All of this information is available on our website under NMTA COBRA. 

Rates: Please refer to your Participation Confirmation email that you received after you renewed. If you cannot locate that email, please contact us.

EPK & Associates will take care of the rest of the COBRA related duties for your company:

  • Once the qualified participant(s) elects to continue, process the COBRA Election Form
  • Provide monthly billing statements to COBRA participants
  • Process and collect COBRA payments
  • Communication with insurance carrier
  • Communication with COBRA participants’
  • Notification of all yearly Renewal plan changes and premium changes
  • Processing of enrollment changes
  • Processing 2nd qualifying events
  • Administering continuation coverage disability extensions
  • Notification of termination or expiration of COBRA benefits

Please contact us at EPK & Associates with any questions at 1-800-545-7011 or email us at [email protected].